Senior Lawyer Corps.

In 2023, Maryland Legal Aid established the Senior Lawyer Corps (SLC), a specialized group comprising retired or semi-retired lawyers who collaborate with MLA to provide valuable legal expertise and support. The SLC brings an innovative approach to enhancing MLA’s capacity to serve clients and communities while offering meaningful and rewarding work to senior lawyers.

SLC members bring their experience and wisdom to help ensure equal access to justice with mentorship, training support, representing MLA in the legal community and co-counseling on complex litigation.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Senior Lawyer Corps, contact Graham Cowger, Director of Development, at or 410-951-7706.

SLC Founding Members:

The Honorable Susan K. Gauvey

Albert J. Matricciani, Jr.

M. Natalie McSherry

Lee H. Ogburn

SLC Steering Committee:

Jose F. Anderson

Andre M. Davis

Harry S. Johnson

Paula M. Junghans

Susan P. Leviton

Thomas E. Lynch, III

John M. Quinn

Carol E. Smith

Joshua R. Treem