Welcome Notes: Gina Polley

Maryland Legal Aid's New Deputy Chief Counsel

Gina Polley

New Deputy Chief Counsel
Gina Polley

Gina Polley has been hired as Maryland Legal Aid's new Deputy Chief Counsel. Her responsibilities will include engaging with chief attorneys to enhance program quality efforts; consulting with staff on legal questions; and assisting with report writing, grant compliance, and program development efforts.

Since 2013, Gina has been the chief attorney in Maryland Legal Aid's Montgomery County office,
where she oversaw the startup of a standalone office to serve Maryland's largest county. She has
over 17 years of experience as a lawyer in a variety of a positions in civil legal services, criminal defense, and mediation. Prior to joining Maryland Legal Aid, Gina served as Deputy Chief Counsel for Broad Based Advocacy in the Civil Law Group at the Legal Aid and Defenders Association in Detroit.

"It's exciting to have Gina on board as the Deputy Chief," said Shawn Boehringer, Maryland Legal Aid's Chief Counsel. "Those who have worked with Gina know that she has an abundance of energy and is eager to ensure that Maryland Legal Aid remains the premier civil legal services provider in the country."

Gina holds a B.A. from the University of Phoenix, a law degree from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, and a masters in Human Resource Development from Villanova. Gina will begin transitioning to her new role on April 25 and will continue to provide support to the Montgomery County office until her successor is identified. She will work out of the Baltimore City office, but you will regularly see her out and about from Cumberland to Salisbury and all points in between. Congratulations again Gina!