Welcome 2016 Law Links Students

Maryland Legal Aid welcomes Law Links students Naysia Rose and Zulma Cortez.

The Law Links program is an initiative of the Citizenship Law Related Education Program (CLREP). Law Links students will learn how the law plays an integral role in daily life and will develop a better understanding of the legal system. They will rotate between different Maryland Legal Aid departments to learn about and participate in community outreach, fundraising, nonprofit public relations, court filings, and what it takes to be a legal professional in a real world environment.

Naysia A. Rose attends the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts high school in Baltimore City. She describes herself as being "consistent, helpful, compassionate and punctual." She hopes to gain professional skills in communication, networking, and the law. Naysia was recommended by Ivey Jones, her school guidance counselorĶ¾ Morgan Showalter, her environmental science teacherĶ¾ and school social worker Deborah Blair. Collectively, they described Naysia as "a conscientious and hardworking
student who has overcome challenges and stayed the course with a positive attitude. She actively participates in class discussions and is quick to help other students in need of assistance." Naysia has worked with the Urban Alliance and works at a daycare on the weekend.

Principal Christian Licier introduces Zuma Cortez as a highly committed student at Patterson High School. He writes that she has an excellent attendance record and has already completed her service learning hours. With an earned GPA of 3.0 3.5, she is on track to attend university. She describes herself as an honor student with perfect attendance who is also bilingual. She loves reading and writing and wants to learn how to work with computers, interact with professionals, file and build working relationships. She is a participant in Adelate Latina (College Prep Coursework), Pa'Lante, an organization for students that would like to attend college, Patterson High School Competitive Swimming, does babysitting and also helps prepare family meals. She also is a neighborhood cleanup
volunteer. Zuma received high recommendations from Business and Finance teacher, J.A. GrossBey,
and afterschool academic program tutor, Diane E. Booth.