The Impact of Pro Bono Support

Scott Livingston, partner at Rifkin, Weiner, Livingston, Levitan & Silver, LLC in
Bethesda, MD, and member of Maryland Legal Aid's Pro Bono Honor Roll, is one
of Maryland's leading procurement attorneys. Scott supports Maryland Legal Aid pro
bono through the provision of various legal services, and in particular its efforts to
ensure funding to provide services to vulnerable children in Child in Need of Assistance
(CINA) cases is retained. Scott went to law school to become a public interest lawyer,
helping poor people deal with law, and he graduated from Antioch School of Law in
Washington, D.C. among the Founding Class of 1975. Forty years later, he is proud
that he has been able to help vulnerable and low income individuals receive legal
services through his procurement services.

Scott Livingston

Pro Bono Attorney Scott Livingston

Scott shared with us a note he wrote to his two adult
sons about how his pro bono work impacts Maryland
Legal Aid's clients:

Dear Jacob and Noah,

I represent Maryland Legal Aid, a nonprofit organization that provides legal services to Children in Need of Assistance. It competes for contracts awarded by the Maryland Department of Human
Resources. I represent Maryland Legal Aid free of charge in the numerous bid protests, claims to
recover money owed, and various disputes with the Department. For 17 years, I have represented
Maryland Legal Aidpro bono. Even a procurement lawyer can help vulnerable children.