Thank you Katherine Jones

Katherine Jones, staff attorney in Maryland Legal AidKatherine Jones, staff attorney in Maryland Legal Aid's Midwestern Maryland office, shared kind words she received from a client regarding the positive outcome of the client's landlord-tenant case.

Dear Katherine Jones:

I would like to thank you for taking my case and helping me out in court. You will never know how much I truly appreciate it. It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders that I don't owe the money to the landlord. I wouldn't have been able to win the case or do this without you. You are a genuine person and it takes a kind-hearted person to work for [a non-profit] and take on cases where people have financial difficulties. You are truly amazing for this. You are a fantastic lawyer and I am glad that it was you that took my case. My life has changed for the better and I believe that part of it was because of your help. You took a great deal of stress from me by helping me out and helping win the case for me. I wanted to let you know that I got into a nursing school program. With your help, it made it possible for me to focus on school and supporting my daughter. I am really glad that I got to meet you. I am sure in the very near future I will need some legal advice on filing for custody. I would love for you to be the one to answer the questions I have. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, -Ms. A