Staff Attorney Curt Campbell helps restore title to clients' home

Staff Attorney Curt Campbell

Staff Attorney Curt Campbell

A Prince George’s County family came to the Foreclosure Legal Assistance Project (FLAP) after they received notice of a foreclosure action filed against their home. They had been the victims of a foreclosure rescue scam several years before, and had been tricked into signing their home over to a company who told them the documents were for a loan to save their home. They paid money each month to the company with the understanding that the company was paying the mortgage.

The company stopped paying the mortgage and dissolved, and the home went into foreclosure. When the clients came to the Metropolitan Maryland Legal Aid office, the mortgage was seven years behind, and the clients had lost title to their home.

FLAP Staff Attorney Curt Campbell filed a rescission of the title transfer under the Protecting Homeowners in Foreclosure Act to void the transfer. He successfully opposed a motion by the lender’s attorneys to prevent our clients from participating in foreclosure mediation and represented them at the mediation to negotiate a loan modification. He also filed a motion to quiet title to restore the clients’ title to their home, so they could be considered for a loan modification.

Through the mediation process, our clients were granted a loan modification that is affordable for them. Due to Curt’s work, they have title restored to their home and now are current on an affordable mortgage.  Great work Curt!