Notes of Thanks

Staff Attorney Lisa Piccinini from Maryland Legal Aid's Victims Assistance Project received a thank you note from the President of the Park Towers West residence council. Lisa and a staff member from CHANA's SAFE program gave a presentation to seniors on elder abuse issues and avoiding scams. Maryland Legal Aid is partnering with CHANA's SAFE program on the Victims Assistance Project. The note reads:

The evidence is overwhelming that your presentation on Senior Abuse and scams was a huge success. The turnout was huge. The audience shared [their] experiences in the safe environment that you created. The solutions presented were creative. Gilda Lessans, our social committee chairperson, and Stella Gold, our event coordinator, certainly recognized our needs. Thank you for finding time in your schedule for Park Towers West.


A client who Staff Attorney Stephanie Guevara from the Baltimore City Intake Services unit assisted sent a letter to Stephanie's supervisor expressing her appreciation for the services she received:

Just wanted to send a huge kudos to your employee Ms. Stephanie Guevara. She was incredibly helpful today. She was able to answer my questions and put me on the right track. I am so thankful. Please tell her to keep up the good work! When people are down, and in need of help, it's nice to know there are still people who care.

-Ms. G.