MLA Spotlight: Robert “Bob” McCaig

Robert "Bob" McCaig, chief attorney of Maryland Legal Aid's Lower Eastern Shore office, 
has been serving those in Maryland for 30+ years. Bob's portfolio includes working on public housing rent strikes, battling major utility companies, and moreover, helping those who cannot help themselves.
One of the common threads that runs through many of the thousands of cases that Bob has handled over the years is that even small cases can have far-reaching impact. For instance, within a few years of joining Maryland Legal Aid, Bob was involved in the O'Donnell Heights public housing rent strike and later the Madison public housing rent strike, both of which led to substantial improvements to the public housing complexes. Bob also recalls the Everette v. BG&E case that resulted in ending BG&E's longstanding practice of requiring customers to pay outstanding utility bills whether or not those customers had been occupants of the dwellings when the invoices were incurred.

In 2011, Bob represented a client who contended that Maryland's Administrative Procedures Act (APA) applied to the Department of Housing and Community Development's wrongful termination of her voucher (which she used to pay her rent). The Court of Appeals agreed with the client, and the Department's earlier termination of the tenant's voucher was later reversed by an Administrative Law Judge. As a result of this case, all voucher terminations by the Department are now heard by Administrative Law Judges pursuant to the APA. Bob shared, "I always wanted to be in a position where I felt like I was helping people who needed help the most."