Maryland Legal Aid Responds to the Death of Freddie Gray and the Civil Unrest in Baltimore City

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May 1, 2015


Maryland Legal Aid Responds to the Death of Freddie Gray and the Civil Unrest in Baltimore City

Maryland Legal Aid stands with the citizens of Baltimore City awaiting answers related to the death of Freddie Gray. During this difficult time, we continue to work with our community partners to rebuild, restore, and revitalize our neighborhoods. Our doors are open at 500 East Lexington Street to serve individuals and families, and we will continue our efforts to bring legal services to the people who need them most in the communities in which they live and work.

“If you do not invest in civil order, you raise the possibility of increased criminal disorder,” said Wilhelm H. Joseph, Jr. Maryland Legal Aid Executive Director. This is evident from some of the latest unfortunate and disruptive incidents around the City. These recent tragic events will have an immediate and long-term impact on some of our clients with respect to unemployment, transportation, and housing issues. Destruction of businesses and other personal property can lead to unemployment and wage loss, which can ultimately result in people losing their homes.”

Ongoing socio-economic issues have plagued communities in Baltimore and throughout the country. As a result, many residents regularly encounter civil legal problems that present road blocks to equal opportunity. By managing a variety of clients’ civil legal issues, Maryland Legal Aid helps to prevent these challenges from escalating into insurmountable problems for the individual client and for the community at large.

Maryland Legal Aid champions equal access to justice for all people and the fulfillment of everyone’s basic human needs, such as food, housing, jobs that pay a livable wage, security, and the right to human dignity. It is critical to confront inequalities in civil and human rights and the social and economic impacts that these disparities can have on the people and systems in our community. Maryland Legal Aid continues to be part of that healing.

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