High Five

High Five

High Five for Office Manager Cheryl Barkley-Chiccone from Maryland Legal Aid's Upper Eastern Shore office!

Recently, Cheryl answered a call from a single mother from Caroline County who had received paperwork that stated that she had to attend a hearing in New Jersey for a case filed by her estranged husband.

The client was very upset at the thought of having to go to New Jersey for a hearing as she would have to miss work and was not confident that her car could make the round trip. Cheryl suggested that the client call the county court in New Jersey where the case was filed. The client returned to the Upper Shore office to discuss her situation further because she was not able to get her concerns addressed by calling the court in New Jersey.

Office Manager Cheryl Barkley-Chiccone

Cheryl spent over an hour with the client reviewing her situation and making calls to the court and to legal services providers in New Jersey. Cheryl saw that the client had only received a portion of the required documents and notices.

Cheryl was persistent with her attempts to contact someone at the courts in New Jersey, until she finally got through to a clerk who handled family law cases in that county.

The clerk was able to explain that the paperwork the client received was not complete service. The hearing would be held, but the clerk noted the service issue. In the end, Cheryl completed an intake for the client and faxed over 60 pages of documentation related to the client's case to a legal services provider in New Jersey. The client will now be able to receive assistance from that provider for her case.


 --Submitted by Rachel Wolpert, Staff Attorney from the Upper Eastern Shore Office