High Fives

High Fives for Staff Attorney Sunny Desai and Paralegal Lisa Anderson from Maryland Legal Aid's Midwestern Maryland office.

Sunny and Lisa work together to expunge criminal records for cases handled by the Midwestern office at a number of expungement clinics throughout the Midwestern office's service area. The work includes filing expungement petitions with the court.

Staff Attorney Sunny Desai and Paralegal Lisa Anderson at the Midwestern Maryland office

Staff Attorney Alecia Frisby Trout shared, "Sunny and Lisa work together like peanut butter and jelly and complete the tasks flawlessly without the rest of us in the office even realizing how much work is going on under our noses. It seems they're always going to or returning from an expungement event where they've assisted a random bus load of people who showed up unexpectedly. Nonetheless, they're ALWAYS smiling."

Recently, one of Alecia's public housing clients noticed an expungeable criminal charge on the client's record. Alecia sent an email to Sunny and Lisa about possibly doing an expungement for the client. Less than an hour later, the client's intake was complete and the expungement petition was in Alecia's mailbox waiting for the client's signature. Alecia continued, "I can think of very few, if any, requests that get processed that efficiently and effectively. A huge High Five to the Midwestern Expungement Team, who simply get things done!"

--Submitted by Staff Attorney Alecia Frisby Trout, Midwestern Maryland Office