EJC co-chair rated "Super Lawyer"

Equal Justice Council co-chair Andrew Jay Graham

Equal Justice Counsel co-chair Andrew Jay Graham topped the list of top attorneys in Maryland chosen by Maryland Super Lawyers magazine--for the third year in a row. An article about Graham in the magazine--"The Lawyer's Lawyer"--quotes Maryland Legal Aid executive director  Wilhelm Joseph: "He is a lawyer's lawyer. But he's also a wonderful, down-to-earth guy."

Joseph credited Graham for his work with the EJC (the private bar fundraising arm of Legal Aid): "The amount of work he does in terms of telephone calls, letters and follow-ups is almost as though he was a full-time employee of Legal Aid. He doesn't have to do this. He does this on his own."

Graham's response: "Helping others is the right thing to do in a moral sense, an ethical sense. But it also makes you feel good to help other people, and that's what you do as a lawyer."