Consumer Victory for the Northeastern Maryland Office

When Ms. W. had an emergency plumbing issue at her house she contacted Sobieski Plumbing Company. The plumber came and resolved the problem. Afterwards, the plumber made a sales pitch to Ms. W. and convinced her to purchase a Diamond Club package. The advantage of the Diamond Club package was that Ms. W. would receive immediate service for any plumbing issues at her home for the sign-up price of $95.40.

The following Saturday, Ms. W. experienced the same plumbing issues and she called Sobieski Plumbing Company to use her Diamond Club package. The receptionist told Ms. W. that the company wouldn't be able to send a plumber to her home to fix the problem for four days. Since the company was not able to provide the prompt service that the Diamond Club package guaranteed, Ms. W. became dissatisfied and decided to cancel the package and request her money back. Ms. W. was given the run-around and was told that she could not cancel her membership. Ms. W. called Maryland Legal Aid's Northeastern Maryland Office, which contacted the Sobieski Plumbing Company directly. The company responded that they would cancel Ms. W.'s membership immediately and would return the membership fee to Ms. W. in full. After five days, the Sobieski Plumbing Company cut a check to Ms. W.