Client’s Thank You April 2017

Staff Attorney Theda Saffo

A client who was assisted by Staff Attorney Theda Saffo from the Baltimore City Housing/Consumer Unit and Gisela Brown, an intern in the Baltimore City Social Work Unit, wrote a letter expressing her appreciation for the service she received.

The client's landlord was threatening to terminate her lease and double the rent. Upon meeting with the client, Theda recognized that she might be experiencing depression and other related issues, and Theda asked the client's permission to refer her to the Social Work Unit, where she met Gisela. 

The client's letter reads, in part:

When I originally came [to Maryland Legal Aid], I thought that my problem was a lost cause. Ms. Saffo called me one evening for me to come in to meet with her and I did. To my surprise she was very genuine and concerned about me as a person and not just my housing issue. I felt as if I was in a downward spiral into major depression. Ms. Saffo saw that I was struggling and asked me if I felt that a social worker would be of some help, I said yes and that is how I met Ms. Gisela Brown.

Social Work Intern Gisela Brown

After the client faced losing her apartment, she was ultimately able to buy her own home where she and her children now live. The client's letter continues:

I have MY OWN PLACE FOR MY FAMILY and this was done with the help of both Ms. Thedo Saffo and Ms. Gisela Brown. I just want to say to you both thank you for being the rock that pushed me to excel.

Yours truly, Ms. W.