Client Thank You: Scott Black, Angelica Bailey, and Ashkan Geramifar

Staff Attorney Scott Black from the Baltimore City Intake Services Unit received a handwritten thank you note from a client he helped over the phone:

Dear Mr. Scott Black,
Thank you for your understanding and professional service [you provided] to me when I
called the MD legal aid office needing legal advice. Your kind spirit and the information
that you shared helped to put me at ease. Thank you so much for "passing it on."

Sincerely, Ms. B.

Staff Attorney Angelica Bailey from the District Court Self-Help Resource Center in Upper Marlboro received praise in an email to her supervisor, Jessica Quincosa:

Dear Ms. Quincosa/Staff:
Please know that I visited your law [office] yesterday, December 3, 2016, wherein I had the good fortune of [receiving] counsel from Ms. Angelica Bailey...
I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude to have had Ms. Bailey patiently, comprehensively and with great knowledge to each daunting question I asked, give me a clear and concise path regarding my situation. My only regret is that I did not take advantage of this resource earlier as I could have saved myself much time, stress, money and sleep. What's most important to me is my health and I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and confidence after leaving your office [after receiving] Ms. Bailey's consult.
I am taking the time to make sure you as supervisor of the center and, of course, Ms. Bailey, of this wonderful, much-needed resource, gets accolades as I don't believe the public has a clear understanding of just how this gift in your organization works. I certainly did not anticipate beforehand how necessary your center would be as I would have put my energies and confidence in your staff immediately after learning of my situation pending in district court.
Again, thank you, your staff, and especially, Ms. Bailey, for your assistance.
Sincerely, Ms. M.

Paralegal Ashkan Geramifar from Maryland Legal Aid's Baltimore County office, attended the Elder Abuse conference on December 1 in Hunt Valley. He received the following praise from Mary Pivawer and Jessica Pontown from the Baltimore County Community Outreach Workers, who also attended the conference, and witnessed Ash help one of their clients with a legal issue:

"Ash went above and beyond in assisting Ms. P. at the conference [and helping her] to understand why she still owed her landlord rent. Well done Ash!"
-Mary Pivawer, Supervisor and Jessica Pontown, outreach worker