Client Success Story: Marita Grant

Marita Grant

Staff Attorney Marita Grant

Avoiding Eviction in the Metropolitan Maryland Office

Staff Attorney Marita Grant from Maryland Legal Aid's
Metropolitan Maryland office recently helped a client avoid eviction. Marita represented a client whose landlord filed multiple Failure to Pay Rent (FTP) cases against him and obtained judgments. The client redeemed his tenancy on each occasion by paying the rent alleged to be due.

After the landlord obtained a fourth judgment against the client, the landlord sought to foreclose the client's right to redeem and have him evicted. Marita took the issue to trial and successfully compelled the landlord to dismiss its case against the client, preventing the client's eviction.

After trial, Marita was able to obtain the landlord's rent ledger and compare it to the receipts the client had. She discovered that the landlord altered the ledger to remove a payment that the client had made. This discovery explained why the client appeared to be consistently behind in rent. The landlord had also been obtaining duplicate judgments for the same month's rent owed. Marita moved to vacate the judgments and for sanctions against the landlord for fraud and misrepresentation. At trial, the landlord vacated two of the judgments he had obtained and credited the client's account for over paid rent and fees in the amount of $600. The client's right to redeem has been restored, and the grateful client is able to remain in his apartment.