Client Success Story: Bill Steinwedel

Bill Steinwedel

Staff Attorney William "Bill" Steinwedel

Staff Attorney William "Bill" Steinwedel from the Foreclosure Legal Assistance Project (FLAP) recently settled a federal civil case against a mortgage servicer, with assistance from staff attorneys Eldon Hong and Krystal Montgomery from the Statewide Advocacy Support Unit.

Bill's client had successfully brought her mortgage current with her loan servicer, but instead of returning the client's mortgage payment to its original amount, the loan servicer increased the amount, which included legal fees and costs that the servicer paid. Because the client could not pay the higher loan amount, the mortgage company was on the verge of reinstating the foreclosure action until Maryland Legal Aid filed a lawsuit against the servicer on behalf of the client.

The servicer filed a motion to dismiss, which Maryland Legal Aid successfully defended. While the Motion to Dismiss was pending, the loan servicer gave the client a permanent modification, which the client accepted. Maryland Legal Aid then entered into settlement discussions regarding the remainder of the lawsuit, which resulted in a monetary settlement of $7,000 to the client and $1,000 to Maryland Legal Aid for attorneys' fees.