Client Success Stories May 2017

Client Success Story

Supervising Attorney Renae Davis from Maryland Legal Aid's Baltimore County office received a thank you gift from one of her clients for a job well done.

Renae represented Ms. B., a client who was facing termination from her assisted living residence and revocation of her Baltimore County Housing Choice Voucher, which she had maintained for over 18 years. The Baltimore County Central Community Drug Unit executed a warrant to search Ms. B.'s assisted living residence as part

Supervising Attorney Renae Davis

of an ongoing narcotics investigation. During the search, narcotics and paraphernalia, which belonged to her two sons, were confiscated from Ms. B.'s unit. Both of Ms. B.'s sons were arrested and charged with drug-related crimes. Ms. B. was not arrested for any crimes.

At the time of the arrest, one of Ms. B.'s sons who suffers from mental impairment, was living with her and had been listed on her housing voucher since he was a minor. Her other son did not live with her. Renae applied State v. Housing Authority of St. Louis and argued that  Ms. B. faced substantial hardship, showing through evidence that one of her sons did not live with her and that she was willing to remove her other son from the housing voucher since he was now over the age of 18. In doing so, Renae was able to prove that there was no longer a "threat to health, safety, or the right to peaceful enjoyment" [24 CFR 982.551(l)].

On March 10, Ms. B.'s proposed housing voucher termination was overturned and she was allowed to remain in her assisted living residence.