Client Appreciation: Gary Herwig

A client shared her appreciation for Staff Attorney Gary Herwig in the Domestic Law Unit for representing her during a child custody hearing:

I was recently represented by one of your attorneys in a custody dispute. I'm a single mother of a four­year­old little boy with a lot of health issues [and my] former spouse was attempting to seek sole physical custody of him. Nervous at the thought that a judge would have so much say over mine and my son's life worried me immensely. Once I got the call that I had been accepted as a client from the [Maryland] Legal Aid, we weren't far away from the date of the trial, unprepared and confused by the interrogatories sent by the opposing party's lawyer. I felt overwhelmed. Not to mention, because of a protective order being put in place, we weren't able to have a mediation meeting. Stress was my best friend, until I met Mr. Gary Herwig. Mr. Herwig assured me that although we had little time to prep for my case, he would do his absolute best.

That is just what he did. He was able to negotiate the day of trial with the opposing party's lawyer [for] an arrangement that worked great for me but what was ultimately best for my son. I was awarded sole physical custody, we decided on joint legal custody and a very flexible schedule so [our son could spend] time equally with both parents. I just want to thank Mr. Herwig again for his time, dedication and patience and express to you all how greatly his work ethic has impacted our lives. Secondly, I'd like to thank [Maryland] Legal Aid again for accepting me as a client. Mr. Herwig is an exceptional asset to your team and I wish him well in all of his future career endeavors.

Ms. W.