CLIA Mentees at Maryland Legal Aid

For over 15 years, Maryland Legal Aid has partnered with the Community Law in Action's Corporate Mentoring Program (CLIA), which offers Baltimore City High School students an opportunity to experience the professional world first hand. Through CLIA, Maryland Legal Aid mentors participate in monthly group and one-on-one activities with their mentees.


During the first CLIA meeting on October 20, Maryland Legal Aid mentors welcomed mentees with a series of icebreaker activities. Development Associate Kaitlyn Wernsing assists her mentee, Asia, during a group activity.

"CLIA is a fantastic opportunity to connect professionals with students who are engaged in learning about real life careers, challenges and opportunities," says Amy Petkovsek, Director of Advocacy for Training and Pro Bono and CLIA mentor/mentee coordinator. "The students are intrigued by the day-to-day life of attorneys, finance and IT professionals, and the generational differences make for interesting and lively discussions on topics that really matter to the students."

This year, Maryland Legal Aid is hosting 10 mentees from Baltimore City Schools including Frederick Douglass and Reginald F. Lewis high schools. Recently, CLIA published a newsletter that featured some of this year's mentees and their mentors. Director of Communications Ashley Fails, her mentee Tasia, and Staff Attorney Conte Robinson and his mentee Tyree, were included in CLIA's recent e-newsletter titled, "Thankful for Each Other," in which mentees detail what the CLIA program means to them and what they appreciate most about the mentorship.


Staff Attorney Conte Robinson from the Baltimore City Administrative Law Unit with CLIA mentee Tyree; Director of Communications Ashley Fails with CLIA mentee Tasia. Photos courtesy of Daria Baylis.