"A Day in the Life" at a Maryland Legal Aid Office

"A Day in the Life" at a Maryland Legal Aid Office

 Airman 1st Class Jon Padish was invited to Maryland Legal Aid's Baltimore City office on June 1 and 2 to document "the day in the life" of a legal aid office. Jon, an attorney on the civilian side, is also an Air Force photojournalist currently in training at the Defense Information School at Fort Meade, Maryland. For a photography assignment, Jon requested to take photos of Maryland Legal Aid staff throughout their normal workday to capture what it is like behind the scenes of our client advocacy. 

 Jon provided background about his interest in documenting legal aid advocates:

 "I don't think most people really comprehend the effort and hard work that goes into public interest law. A lot of people know it is important generally to grant everyone equal access to justice, but there is not much coverage on the legwork behind it all. My dad was a public defender for 19 years, and I saw firsthand the amount of work and dedication he put into his practice. To him, 'Gideon's promise' was more than just a catch phrase. I hope that I can convey that level of effort and dedication through pictures."

 Ashley Cheatham, Director of Communications for Maryland Legal Aid, escorted Jon around the Baltimore City building during his two-day visit. She shared, "While accompanying Jon on his photo shoot, I felt this incredibly deep sense of pride and appreciation for our mission. It's during these ordinary, everyday moments that you really get a sense of the hard work we do on behalf of our clients, the wonderful way that we work together, and the positivity that radiates from office to office and from floor to floor."

 Below are just a few of the photos that Jon took for his assignment. You can view the entire album of photos here

Russ Bloomquist, Program Manager and Sr. Full Stack Developer  

Staff Attorneys Viola Woolums and Victoria Robinson from the Administrative Law Unit

Social Work Supervisor Liz Pickus

Staff Attorney Zenia Wilson at a Community Laywering expungement clinic at the Men and Families Center in Baltimore

The fabulous Vicki Johnson, Administrative Assistant and Outreach Coordinator

Staff Attorney Donna Bernstein teaches a Bankruptcy class in the Baltimore City office