85 Year-Old Korean War Veteran Receives $20K In VA Benefits

korean-war-veteran-ribbonStaff Attorney Angus Derbyshire and Mary Aquino, Senior Attorney for Elder Law, in the Baltimore County office, with the assistance of Frank Natale, Director of Advocacy for Income Security, represented an 85 year-old Korean War veteran in a case to obtain Veterans's Administration (VA) benefits. For two years, the client tried to obtain VA benefits to pay for his assisted living facility. Unfortunately, the client, and his daughter who is his legal guardian, continued to receive the runaround with little to no communication regarding the decision from the VA. Finally, after an investigative report about the matter by WBAL-TV, the client was awarded VA benefits in the amount of $20,000. The client was able to pay his back rent for his assisted living facility and maintain his residency.