Baltimore City Paralegal Triumphant At Unemployment Hearing

Joyce DiggsAfter repeatedly being harassed and belittled by her combative supervisor, Mrs. B. lost her employment.  As the mental strain of her situation mounted and became too much for her, Mrs. B had filed internal complaints against her supervisor. The matter was brought to the board of the employer, but no action was taken to prevent further abuse.

Prolonged exposure to the stressful working environment resulted in Mrs. B experiencing anxiety and frequent uncontrollable crying. She was ultimately diagnosed with depression. Mrs. B.’s physician requested that she take advantage of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and take unpaid time off to deal with the emotional trauma. The request was denied because Mrs. B’s employer was exempt from the FMLA. Mrs. B. subsequently missed 18 days of work due to her anxiety and depression.  She requested that her employer allow her to use the 86 + hours of sick leave she had accrued to cover her absence, but the employer refused her request.  She was placed on leave without pay and then discharged.

Baltimore City paralegal Joyce Diggs represented Mrs. B. at her unemployment hearing and requested that the supervisor’s witness be sequestered. The employer was fully prepared to take our client through an emotional hearing, but the Hearing Examiner found valid circumstances for a voluntary quit ruling as opposed to a discharge ruling. Furthermore, Joyce’s request that Mrs. B be allowed to obtain her sick leave pay and unemployment benefits was granted.